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Peter is a passionate Open Source enthusiast who has been promoting and using Open Source products for the last 10 years. He has volunteered in many different areas, starting in the Ubuntu community, before moving off into the realms of audio production and later into writing. Career wise he spent much of his early years managing and building datacenters as a sysadmin, before ending up working for Red Hat as a Principal Quailty Engineer for the CloudForms product. He occasionally pops out a book, loves photography, occasionally cooks, and lives in the UK with his wife and two children.

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Agreed. Good advice!

Right, so the controller we bought on our limited budget, limited availability at short notice and seemed the most compatible, was only DMX out. Totally agree that we could have used the inputs and indeed that could be an awesome idea for the future, utilizing techniques similar to the MIDI learn, where we can just right click a fader on the screen, click learn, move a fader on the control board and then have it mapped to that fader.

It could also be used then to allow multiple channels to be controlled by the same fader on the control surface allowing a cheap mans gang. (ganging of faders to groups was actually something I was going to add in a new version, giving the ability to group faders and have them all controlled by a single one which would appear either on the side or on a new page.

As I said, once I added the GUI to control things, the Wii controlling became superfluous, and was a cool toy to play with. You read my mind, a MIDI modifier was also one of the things I wanted to add.

There is no coding to use the tool, the lighting format while verbose, is easy to use, an example of it is here,

However, making a good GUI for is is something I would love to do, the ability to set constants in the UI, apply modifiers to channels, create scenes and even see graphs of the channel data in realtime was also on the plans. However before I do that, a complete rewrite of the modifier system would be in order. There are still somethings it does that I really do not like ;)