How Beyoncé fans are like the open source community |

How Beyoncé fans are like the open source community

GitHub developer advocate Brian Douglas explains his Open Sauced side project and more in his All Things Open 2019 Lightning Talk.

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At GitHub, Brian Douglas' official title is developer advocate, but the one he prefers to use is "Beyoncé advocate." This is partly because he views the 40 million GitHub users and the Beyhive, Beyoncé's enormous and passionate fan base, similarly. He says his role at GitHub is to "go to bat for the hive"—helping people answer questions and find resources to help them develop on GitHub better.

One of his many side projects, Open Sauced, helps people "manage data to identify [their] next open source contribution." In Brian's Lightning Talk at All Things Open 2019, "Finding your next open source contribution with Open Sauced," he talks about his journey into open source, the Open Sauced project, trap music, and other topics.

Watch his Lightning Talk to learn more.

During the Lightning Talks hosted by at the seventh annual All Things Open conference in October 2019, eight presenters shared quick takes on interesting open source topics, projects, and ideas. Watch all of the 2019 All Things Open Lightning Talks on the YouTube channel.

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