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All Things Open is a conference exploring open source, open tech, and the open web in the enterprise.

computer servers processing data

When selecting a mission-critical application, you can't afford to make mistakes.
human head, brain outlined with computer hardware background

Machine bias is a widespread problem with potentially serious human consequences, but it's not...

Don't miss these rapid-fire talks about containers, AI, Istio, Blockchain, Raspberry Pi, and more.
and old computer and a new computer, representing migration to new software or hardware

To make conversational interfaces more human-centered, we must free our thinking from the trappings...
multi-colored dandelions

Driving large-scale organizational change is painful, but when it comes to DevOps, the payoff is...
new techie gadgets representing innovation

Learn how hacking the senses can enable virtual reality users to move without feeling nauseated.
Book stack

If you're looking for good DevOps reading material, Chris Short has recommendations in this short...
Making open source evergreen

Open source advocate Danese Cooper issues a call to arms in her Lightning Talk from All Things Open...