All Things Open

Watch now: 5 minute videos on Linux and more

Seven short videos on open source, from Linux to Raspberry Pi.
A recap of keynotes from day 1 of All Things Open 2016

Take a quick look back at keynotes from All Things Open 2016.
Recap of keynotes from day 2 of All Things Open 2016

Take a quick look back at the second day of keynotes at All Things Open 2016.
All Things Open interview with Dave Stokes, MySQL

MySQL's community manager shares tips and resources for beginners and previews his All Things Open...
All Things Open interview with Gina Likins and Jen Krieger

Two All Things Open speakers share a sneak preview of their talk on fun wearables and open hardware...
How Apache Kafka is powering a real-time data revolution

Today, 35% of the Fortune 500 and thousands of companies worldwide use Apache Kafka.
Tips from a software engineer for a balanced life

A software engineer and creator of many projects gives tips on how to balance a job, hobbies, and a...
How to help developers help themselves

Sharing best practices and new tools with developers is important for software companies employing...