10 Raspberry Pi project ideas from 2021

Check out the most popular Raspberry Pi tutorials for your next project.
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The Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular brands of single-board computers. Part of the reason for this popularity is the massive number of unique and interesting projects that people have built using Raspberry Pi. Several Opensource.com authors have used Raspberry Pi in various projects and provided instructions so others can recreate their projects. Here are the ten most popular Raspberry Pi articles published by Opensource.com in 2021. I hope they inspire you as you tinker with your own Raspberry Pi.

Build a home thermostat with a Raspberry Pi

Joe Truncale moved into a new home in October 2020. The home's older heating system needed an improvement. His article provides detailed instructions about how he used a Raspberry Pi and ThermOS to replace the thermostats in his home.

Set up a minimal server on a Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi can make a great server. Alan Formy-Duval shows how to set up a minimal server to conserve system resources. His instructions provide many useful tips about how to get the most out of the Raspberry Pi.

How I teach Python on the Raspberry Pi 400 at the public library

The Raspberry Pi is a great teaching tool. In this article, Don Watkins recounts how he used the Raspberry Pi 400 to teach Python at a public library. He describes how he set up the Raspberry Pi 400s and how he taught the course.

Manage your Raspberry Pi with Cockpit

Alan Formy-Duval explains how to use Cockpit to manage your Raspberry Pi. He details how to install and use Cockpit on Raspberry Pi OS and provides a broad overview of Cockpit's features. As he notes in his article, "Cockpit behaves on Raspberry Pi just like it does on any other Linux system.", which makes this article also relevant to users interested in using Cockpit on other systems as well.

Build a router with mobile connectivity using Raspberry Pi

You can easily make your own router using a Raspberry Pi. In this tutorial, Lukas Janėnas explains how to build a router with mobile connectivity. He provides detailed instructions about how to install and configure OpenWRT on a Raspberry Pi.

Track your family calendar with a Raspberry Pi and a low-power display

Javier Pena built a family calendar using a Raspberry Pi and an E Ink display. The article provides information about the hardware and software used in that project. Using the instructions provided, you can easily create a digital calendar for your own family.

Cast your Android device with a Raspberry Pi

Learn how to cast your Android device with a Raspberry Pi in this article by Sudeshna Sur. Sudeshna uses Scrcpy to accomplish this. She provides instructions on how to set up Scrcpy and configure your phone, so they work together.

My review of the Raspberry Pi 400

Don Watkins reviews the Raspberry Pi 400. He provides multiple pictures of the unboxing of his Raspberry Pi 400 and provides an excellent written review of the device and bundled accessories. He has many nice things to say about this wonderful $100 bundle.

Monitor your home's temperature and humidity with Raspberry Pi and Prometheus

In Chris Collins's tutorial, learn how to monitor your home's temperature and humidity. Chris explains how to use Prometheus and a Raspberry Pi to gather and store data. He provides instructions about installing Prometheus, setting up Prometheus to track the data, creating a systemd unit and logging, and more, culminating with instructions on how to bring all the steps together to create the finished project.

Deploy Ceph in a Raspberry Pi cluster

AJ Canlas teaches how to deploy Ceph in a Raspberry Pi cluster. This article provides instructions for deploying Ceph using the ceph-ansible Ansible playbook. The hardware required is four Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB models, four 32GB microSD cards for the boot OS, four cases with fans and heatsinks, four Raspberry Pi power supplies, and six 32GB USB flash drives for the Ceph OSD nodes. That is a lot of devices, but if you have that kind of hardware on hand, this is a fascinating project to try out.

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