Poll: Are bloggers journalists?

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(1 votes)
Do you think bloggers are journalists?
Absolutely. Welcome to the new media.
28.9% (33 votes)
Yes, if they're reporting or discussing current events.
19.3% (22 votes)
Sure, if we're counting tabloid writers as journalists.
11.4% (13 votes)
Not as a general rule.
32.5% (37 votes)
7.9% (9 votes)

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erics's picture

The linked page is not found...

mackanic's picture
Open Source Sensei

HI Erics:
Thanks for the comment. The link is now fixed

suehle's picture

If "reporting or discussing current events" is the qualifier, there are hordes of fluff writers in traditional media who aren't "journalists."

Unidentified's picture

No way what so ever.
Most of these morons post what they ate and who with.
and later what they crap.
Who the hell cares. Do not waste my time

Brian Fitzpatrick's picture

I blog quite a bit for some of my other pursuits. And I have a degree in Technical Journalism. As such, I tend to make sure that my grammar and spelling are correct and my facts are right, just as I was taught in college.

There are professional bloggers who might qualify as journalists. I don't call myself a journalist, though I review products and provide context and details for my opinions.

But I would say that a large number of bloggers do it for purely personal reasons. That doesn't make their opinions any less valid, but I doubt that most would consider themselves journalists either.

Broad categorization of bloggers as journalists or tabloid writers doesn't do anybody any favors.