Need for businesses to have access to lessons already learned

Dancing E startup aimed at knowledge sharing for all

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What do 16th century Incas, 18th century shipyards and 21st century professionals have in common? Phil Verghis describes an issue that has plagued civilizations and industries throughout history: inadequate access to lessons already learned. We all understand the importance of sharing knowledge, so why is it difficult for us to implement it into our daily business practice?

Dancing E is a startup aimed at

making knowledge sharing part of your culture and making it stick, building on behavioral science and a knowledge management methodology that has been continuously refined over 18+ years of development.

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About the author

Phil Verghis - Phil Verghis has been called a “brilliant strategist and innovator” by the Service & Support Professionals Association. His book, The Ultimate Customer Support Executive, was called “by far the most intelligent book on how to manage support organizations” by the Association of Support Professionals. He and his clients have won numerous awards for innovative support, including some of the first known knowledge bases on the internet.... more about Phil Verghis