OpenStack Summit in review

The Kilo OpenStack Summit in review

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We hope that everyone who traveled to Paris for last week's OpenStack Summit had an enjoyable trip and a safe voyage home. For those who missed it, or if you're looking to relive the experience, here are the top reports from around the web.

A wide range of perspectives

There were a lot of summaries beyond ours. At over 4,600 attendees and hundreds of sessions to take in, it was impossible for any one person to take in everything. Here are some which I enjoyed reading.

Keynotes feature real, user experiences

The keynotes this Summit took a direct focus on the user. I reported on both Monday's and Tuesday's keynotes. And, for the presentations themselves, see the links below.

  • Tim Bell of CERN on the use of OpenStack for scientific research.
  • Rajeev Khanna of Expedia on how OpenStack may revolutionize IT in the travel industry.
  • Weston Jossey of Tapjoy on OpenStack for big data analytics.
  • Jose Maria San Jose Juarez of BBVA Bank who are using OpenStack for IT operations.
  • Matt Haines of Time Warner Cable who are offering a self-service platform for their developers.
  • Dr. Stefan Lenz of BMW who are using OpenStack to increase their efficiency without reinventing the wheel.

Designing the next release

The Design Summit, Tuesday through Friday, was a time for developers to get together and make their plans for each of the constituent OpenStack projects individually, and in some cases, collaboratively, as they plan for what to include as the next release is developed and launched over the next five months.

  • The Design Summit schedule is a rough outline of what happened. It's still a good source to go back and fine out who was leading each session and what general topics each covered.
  • The Design Summit Etherpads stored most of the real meat of the meeting; edited collaboratively, they included both notes and some vision for where each project might be headed. Notes are arranged by project and by timeslot, so if you want additional quick summaries, consider cross-matching these to the schedule above.

Did you attend? What was your favorite takeaway?

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