A meetup for Docker and OpenStack integration

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Docker is nothing more than a handy container. But for a lot of use cases, it's opening up amazing new possibilities for making development and deployment work together more closely than ever. It's an open source project designed to make it easy to create lightweight, portable, self-sufficient containers of an application, allowing that containerized application to run just as easily on a massively scaled cloud as it does on a developer's laptop. For projects like OpenStack, it's a new way of deploying applications as an alternative to (or on top of) a virtual machine, while potentially using fewer system resources in the process.

We’ve covered Docker and its collaboration with the Fedora project before; in fact, Docker was one of our top ten open source projects of 2013. But Docker works well on a variety of Linux flavors, and if you're working with enterprise Linux, chances are there's an integration project for your favorite distribution.

If you've been following tech news lately, you've probably already heard that containers are starting to pick up steam. Red Hat recently announced its plans to offer certification of application containers on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), with Docker as the primary certified container format. This certification will help ensure that containers will run seemlessly across different configurations so long as the underlying software host is certified.

Container virtualization is making its way into OpenStack, too, and Docker's implementation plugin has been accepted into the upcoming Icehouse release, to be available in less than a month on April 17. Rather than being used in place of a traditional hypervisor (virtual machine manager), Docker is being integrated with Heat, OpenStack's orchestration engine, used to launch cloud applications which are based on templates.

Want to learn more about how Docker and OpenStack work together? Here's your chance. Join an online meetup on using Docker with OpenStack next week.

Thursday, March 27, 2014
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM PDT

Docker is an open source containerization technology that is not simply an alternative to virtualization. There are various benefits of using Docker with or within OpenStack. Eric Windisch of the Docker team will cover fundamentals of Docker and OpenStack integration.

About the Speaker: 

Eric is a veteran of OpenStack and cloud computing. Presently of Docker, Inc where he works on OpenStack integration, he has previously worked to build a productized OpenStack with Cloudscaling and has over a decade of experience in building web and VPS hosting automation. Eric has been using and contributing to OpenStack since Bexar in early 2011.

This session will be hosted online via IRC Chat (#OpenStack-Community @Freenode) and Google+ Hangout:  http://www.youtube.com/user/SpokenStuff/


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I think Docker is going to change the way we think about virtualization. But the Docker site has a note about not being ready for production

* Please note Docker is currently under heavy development. It should not be used in production (yet).

I look forward to a production ready version..

i am glad to know about Docker which you say is an open source containerization technology. This will be for my use as soon as possible..

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