Best of Top 10 open source projects in 2013

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We cover a wide range of open source projects on From beehives to Linux, from the Netherlands to India, featuring a diversity of open source projects is part of our mission. It's a goal we achieved in 2013 and one we'll continue to strive for in 2014.

Our readers tell us on a regular basis that they appreciate how we branch out and capture stories from open source projects of all kinds. In this Best of, we gathered our top 10 articles on open source projects. If you don't see your favorite, please share it with us in the comments and remind us why it's awesome.

Top 10 open source projects in 2013



Getting started with Koha, an open source library system

"I agree and always tell people in training to go ahead and try to break Koha because that's how they learn and how they come up with ways to improve the final product." —Nicole Engard, Vice President of Education at ByWater Solutions


(cloud computing)

How OpenStack differs from Amazon and must rise to the occasion

"There is an open design and development process, and it works. It can and does support integrating new projects, the process for vetting new ideas, and growing a stronger portfolio of new services. The sunlight of transparency only makes the design and vetting process stronger. Continued innovation is critical." —Diane Mueller, OpenShift Origin Community Manager



Coursefork: a new way to collaborate on open education

"We're creating the pull request for courses, and the process of getting there means creating the tools necessary to support the community of a new open future for education." —cofounder and CTO Eric Martindale


(open data)

Journalist creates open source solution to extract data from PDFs

"By equipping reporters with the ability to automatically digitize these scanned paper records, DocHive could take hours of drudgery out of the early stages of document-driven investigative reporting and dramatically upgrade the watchdog capabilities of newsrooms large and small." —Tyler Dukes, managing editor at Reporter’s Lab


(server environments)

Open source engine Docker teams up with the Fedora Project

"Docker makes it very easy to create and deploy container images. Developers can very quickly, on their own machines, create and configure a container based on one of the widely available base images. They can then then test the container locally, and when it works, create a standardized image that they can deploy anywhere in the cloud, running the exact same set of bits that they tested locally." —Alexander Larsson, principle software engineer at Red Hat

Project Libre

(project management)

ProjectLibre edges in on Microsoft Project dominance

"We all know things don't go exactly as planned, so when those mild or major impacts happen, a project management software plan will automatically adjust to show you the new reality." —cofounder Marc O'Brien



OpenDaylight Project aims to shape the future of Software Defined Networking (SDN)

"We have a great mix of talented people who are passionate about networking and have a desire to create an open controller SDN codebase that anyone can use. This is what is most important to OpenDaylight’s longevity." —David Meyer, Chair of the Technical Steering Committee



Zanata, an open source translation platform

"Zanata grew out of Red Hat's long-standing involvement in open source software translation communities, and it is used inside Red Hat to handle the translation of Red Hat software products into 22 different languages. The best part about Zanata is that the features are mostly determined by its users." —product manager Runa Bhattacharjee


(project management)

Open source project management on the rise

"Customers are more willing to talk with us and to share information when they see that we are living an open source business model. I believe that we have access to more valuable insight this way, compared to our closed source competitors." —founder Frank Bergmann

Open source beehives


The open source solution to the bee colony collapse problem

"Their partnership has generated the creation of two beehive designs that can be freely downloaded (and 3D printed) and filled with innovative sensors to log and track bee colony health using the Smart Citizen kit." —Tristan Smith, Video & Communications at Open Tech Forever


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Thank you for including @ProjectLibre it is very much appreciated! We are working hard on a new release for Q1. We also are looking to not only replace Microsoft Project but will be releasing PPMLibre in Q1 that will look to replace Microsoft Project Server. Once again, thank you for including ProjectLibre!

Marc, as you know we are (I am) looking forward for PPMLibre. ProjectLibre already is the best replacement for Microsoft Project. What I have seen from PPMLibre was really impressed.

I dont know how can i help to make this proyet succeful,l but i will do my best as industrial desingner.


Hi its very helpful and i got another one accounting software named OpenMiracle its a complete accounting package, very easy to use and its developed in .Net Technologies
here is the link

I have been waiting to implement open source software at school level and finally I have achieved the goal. Though cbse board has given the guidelines to include open source software at IX to X standard but the learners /students are not getting course material for study. Any reference or guidelines in this matter is highly appreciated .Even publisher are not able to adopt or publish the learning material.

All the best.

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