Community Columnist Program

Community Columnist program

Become a contributor

The Community Columnist program is designed for our writers who would like to contribute to on a regular schedule. (See our Editorial Calendar for a list of current columns.) If you are interested in becoming a columnist, read the information below. Then, if you meet the criteria and this program sounds like a good fit for your schedule and interests, email your column idea to us at:


When a contributor becomes a columnist, an editor will send a welcome kit documenting the column schedule and draft due dates, along with resources for successfully participating in the columnist program.

Requirements and expectations for the Community Columnist program

Before becoming an columnist, writers must have a minimum of three published articles or interviews within a six-month period.

These are the expectations for participating in the Community Columnist program:

  • A one-year commitment to write either a monthly or bi-monthly column
  • Annual 1:1 evaluation to renew or complete commitment
  • Contribute content by the "draft due" date, or notify the editor about any expected delivery delays
  • Promote column content on social media and syndication networks
  • Help moderate and contribute comments on column posts

Contributing content

This section defines how columnists can contribute content, and outlines the goals and expectations for their commitment.

Column theme: Columns on focus on a theme, which helps writers narrow the scope of their content. Column examples include:

  • Multimedia Makers: Every month Seth Kenlon, in partnership with and, shares tutorials and tips on creating multimedia with Linux and its vast creative toolkit.
  • Nooks and Crannies: Nooks and Crannies explores open source projects that you might not have heard of.
  • Six Degrees: Every month Jono Bacon, leading community manager, shares thoughts and perspectives on the culture, communities, and trends in open source.

The theme should be specific enough to differentiate the column, but broad enough to give the writer creative freedom. (Don't worry—our editors will help you iron out the details for your column idea!)

Columnists are responsible for contributing original content, or properly citing resources, licensing, and permissions granted.

Community Columnist benefits

Community Columnists are a huge asset to the editors and community. Columnists provide a regular stream of relevant content for an international audience. By contributing on a regular monthly or bi-monthly schedule, they help editors deliver top-notch content on a diverse range of open source topics.

Benefits include:

  • swag! You'll look extra sharp sporting the exclusive swag only columnists and moderators receive from the team
  • Professional editing and syndication services
  • Access to a global publishing platform and distribution system
  • Access to worldwide collaborative community of open source advocates and activists
  • Community Columnist badge on your profile
  • Receive priority editing from editors
  • Receive LinkedIn recommendation upon fulfillment one-year commitment
  • Opportunity to expand professional network

Exiting the Community Columnist program

Although we request a 1-year commitment when joining the columnist program, we understand that writers may need to exit the program early if their situations change or they are unable to meet the program expectations. Please notify the community management team if you need to suspend or end participation early.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Columnist or have questions about the program, email the team.