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Series & Themes

Month Series & Themes Schedule
March 2017 Happy Pi Day!
To celebrate Pi Day, we focus this series on the Raspberry Pi. What projects have you created? What solutions to common problems have you found? What do you do with your Raspberry Pi?

Proposals due: February 2

Drafts due: February 24

April 2017

Article ideas:

Do you have a favorite programming language? Tell us why you like it best.
X ways to get started programming
What are the best game programming resources?
Explain how to build your first web app
Share a howto for building mobile apps
A beginner's guide to APIs
What's your favorite homebrew script for automating tasks?
Other ideas? Let's see them! Send story ideas to rikki@opensource.com or using our webform

Proposals due: March 15

Drafts due: March 20

May 2017

Article ideas:

What open hardware board or open source tool for hardware do you love?
What project(s) have you made with open hardware / open source software for your hardware project?
X reasons to use open hardware today / why open hardware matters
How to get started with the X (open hardware board or open source tool for hardware)
Other ideas? Send story ideas to open@opensource.com or using our webform

Proposals due: March 13

Drafts due: April 3

June 2017

Article ideas:

X open source projects / tools to run your home entertainment system
Describe and explain your home entertainment system
Getting started with X open source tool or hardware for entertainment
What do you do for fun? How does open source fit in?
Other ideas? Let's see them! Send story ideas to open@opensource.com or using our webform

Proposals due: May 20

Drafts due: June 3

July 2017

Sysadmin tools
Article ideas:

Do you have a favorite sysadmin tool? Tell us why you like it best.
X ways to get started as a sysadmin
What are the best sysadmin resources?
Describe how you got started as a sysadmin and what open source tools you use
A beginners guide to X sysadmin tool
Other ideas? Let's see them! Send story ideas to open@opensource.com or using our webform

Proposals due: July 1

Drafts due: July 15

August 2017

Back to School
Article ideas:

What's new in education? How does open source fit in?
X open educational resources used in your classroom
What are the best open educational resources?
Share your open education story with readers
How to create an open education resource
Getting started with X tools for education
X open source tools for kids
Other ideas? Let's see them! Send story ideas to open@opensource.com or using our webform

Proposals due: July 13

Drafts due: July 27

September 2017

Linux containers
Article ideas:

How you use Linux containers?
X ways to get started with Linux containers
What are the best Linux containers resources?
Other ideas? Let's see them! Send story ideas to open@opensource.com or using our webform

Proposals due: July 20

Drafts due: August 14

October 2017

Big data
Article ideas:

How is big data using open source?
X open source big data tools to do Y
Other ideas? Let's see them! Send story ideas to open@opensource.com or using our webform

Proposals due: August 24

Drafts due: September 11

November 2017

Article ideas:

What are your favorite DIY projects using open source hardware or software?
X open DIY projects to do Y
What are the best open DIY resources?
A beginner's guide to DIY the open source way
Other ideas? Let's see them! Send story ideas to open@opensource.com or using our webform

Proposals due: October 9

Drafts due: November 1

December 2017

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My Open Source Story

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Community Metrics Playbook

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Multimedia Makers

Every month Seth Kenlon, in partnership with slackermedia.info and gnuworldorder.info, shares tutorials and tips on creating multimedia with Linux and its vast creative toolkit.

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Open Art

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Open Founder

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Open Music

Chris Hermansen shares ideas on how to enjoy music in an open environment, how to tinker with music using open source tools, and much more.

Opening Up Education

Don Watkins examines how educators and students can utilize Linux, open source hardware and software, and open educational resources in the classroom.

The Queue

Welcome to our Q&A with LinuxQuestions.org founder Jeremy Garcia. Submit your question.

Raspberry Pi

Ben Nuttall, community manager for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, shares news and stories from the world of tiny computing.

Six Degrees

Every month Jono Bacon, leading community manager, shares thoughts and perspectives on the culture, communities, and trends in open source.


Past Series & Themes

Month Theme
February 2017 Careers in Open Source
Do you have a job that uses open source to get things done? Tell us what tool(s) you use to do your job and what significance it plays in the industry or world.
January 2017 Getting Started with Open Source
What kinds of technologies and concepts do beginners need to get familiar with first? Send us your introductions to programming languages, programs, tools, ideas, methods, and more.
December 2016 Open Source Yearbook
Check out our 2015 Open Source Yearbook to see the kinds of community-contributed articles we're collecting to round up the year's top open source projects, people, tools, and stories.
October 2016 Most Open Month
Speakers from All Things Open 2016 write and interview with us as part of our annual series to highlight these amazing talks.
September 2016 Open Source Worldwide
What role does open source play in your country's government? Which projects are active in your local communities? How are humanitarian open source solutions helping international communities? How has your work in open source helped you connect with people in other countries and collaborate with international contributors? How does your remote international team collaborate? Tell us about how your career in open source has allowed you to travel the globe.
August 2016 Back to School / Open Education
Which open source tools are helpful for the classroom? How are open source technologies being used or taught in your schools? We're always excited to hear how open source is helping education, so send us your stories.
July 2016 Open source tools for sys admins
Many of the tools sys admins rely on are open source. Which tools save your sys adminny day? We want to hear about your favorite open source tools or your home-brewed hacks.
June 2016 Open Source in Entertainment
We're looking for stories about how open source tools, projects, and communities keep us entertained.
May 2016 Open Hardware
Show off your HowTos, tutorials, and demos of open hardware in the wild.
April 2016 Open Science
Interesting topics for our open science theme include open hardware tools with sensors being used to take field measurements; big data processing; education and science software for Linux (for example, Celestia space simulator, Avogadro for molecular modeling, GRASS/QGIS software for geospatial sciences, R/Julia for statistics, and niche applications we've never heard of); why openness matters in the sciences; recent discoveries made using open tools and/or open data; a roundup of journals being published under open licenses
March 2016 Diversity in Open Source
How did you increase diversity in your project and community? Tell us about your open source-related grants or scholarship opportunities . Do you have tips for attracting a more diverse pool of contributors? How has increasing diversity in your community helped?
February 2016 Careers in Open Source
We want to hear about your open source-related work, tips for succeeding in a tech career and for showing open source skills on tech resumes, advice for advancing your career by growing your network, and insights into how attending conferences can get you hired.
January 2016 Getting Started in Open Source
We're looking for articles about how to start using an open source solution or contribute to a project, how to find the right open source community to join, advice for making money in open source, how to find (or start) local user groups or meetups, and tips for attending tech conferences.

Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE 14x) series

December 2015 Open Source Yearbook 2015
November 2015 November theme: Open Source Food & Beverages
Speaker Interview Series: USENIX LISA15
October 2015 Most Open Month (call for first-time Opensource.com contributors)
Speaker Interview Series: All Things Open
Speaker Interview Series: Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
Speaker Interview Series: OpenStack Summit