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Opensource.com published more than 1000 articles last year by talented people in tech from various backgrounds and with various skills. 

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If you'd like to join the hundreds of writers sharing their expertise with others, send us your article idea via our online form or email us directly at open@opensource.com.

Writer guidelines

Before you put pen to paper, read our article style guide. If you're writing a technical or how-to article, review our technical style guide.

Once a draft is in hand, our editorial team will copy edit and prepare it for publication. We also promote articles on our social media channels, and we highly encourage you to promote it as well.

Article topics

Opensource.com publishes articles on these topics all year long.

Alternatives -- Open source instead of proprietary

Automation -- Ansible, Bash, Perl, and others

Command line -- Tools, tutorials, and tips for Linux

Data science -- Python, and more

DevOps -- Tools and lessons learned

Hardware --Tutorials for the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and more

IoT -- Home automation projects, and more

Java -- Tutorials, tips, tools

Linux -- Getting started with a Linux command or distro

Machine learning / AI -- How to get started with a tool

Multimedia -- Music, audio, video, editing, 3D rendering, and more

My Linux Story -- Personal stories of how one came to know, love, and use Linux

My Open Source Story -- Personal stories of how one came to know, love, and use open source software or hardware

Networking -- Tutorials, introductions, and recommendations

Personal stories -- Open source / Linux experiences, tips, and more

Productivity tools -- Linux, open source, and more

Programming -- Go, TensorFlow, Perl, JavaScript, MySQL, Rust, and more

Python -- Tutorials, tips, tools

Systems administration -- Sysadmin tools, tips, and more

Tools -- Tell us what it's for, how it works, and where to learn more

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