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My Linux Story is a community column with tales about how people got started on their Linux journeys. Do you have a story to share? Submit your proposal.


Celebrating Penguin Awareness Day with stories about the moment we learned about Linux.
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A technology evangelist shares his open source journey.
"what is your story" on chalkboard

Five, short personal stories about first introductions to the world of open source software.
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The Linux kernel turns another year older on August 25.
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How to focus on finding a solution amid the panic.
Old microphones

You don't need a hefty budget for Linux to get on the air—and when you're ready to scale, so is Linux.
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How a part-time job as a university network assistant helped this student discover the versatility...
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Here's how I went from Linux newbie to community contributor... Hint: study the code and start out simple.