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My Linux Story is a community column with tales about how people got started on their Linux journeys. Do you have a story to share? Submit your proposal.

Linux to the rescue: How I introduced my organization to Linux

After a very public early failure, a large university's IT team finds switching its web...
How I got started with Linux

From physics student to the founder of FreeDOS, Jim Hall tells us how it all started with a hobby...
A musician's transition from distro to distro

A musician's tells the story of his transition from distro to distro.
Linux is a new frontier for young developer

A young developers journey to open source and creating a Linux distro, Sol-OS.
 Dear younger self, here are four tips for reaching your goals

These four pieces of advice for programmers stand the test of time.
Linux helped me grow as a musician

How I started using Linux for everything, especially making music.
Making the switch to open source as a non-programmer

Eight years after my first big step into open source, I am glad I chose this path.
The revenge of Linux

In the beginning of Linux they laughed at it and didn't think it could do anything. Now Linux is...