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My Linux Story is a community column with tales about how people got started on their Linux journeys. Do you have a story to share? Submit your proposal.

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How a part-time job as a university network assistant helped this student discover the versatility...
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Here's how I went from Linux newbie to community contributor... Hint: study the code and start out simple.
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A young developer transforms from a nervous-but-curious Linux observer into a full-timer.
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The path to the perfect operating system can be long and circuitous. Here's how I found my way to Linux Antergos.
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A tale about the decision to adopt Linux when the older Windows machines started falling behind.

How an educator built a successful career teaching open source.
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For Levi Moore, a "serendipitous" discovery of Linux led to a passion for open source tools.
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After a very public early failure, a large university's IT team finds switching its web registration system to Linux nearly triples user capacity.