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Women in tech boardroom

An engineering manager explains how her open source background influences her open management style.
Puzzle pieces coming together to form a computer screen

I grew from a teenage open source novice to a 20-year-old frequent contributor and mentor to new users.
red pen editing mistakes

I learned from my mistake and followed a path of opportunities to contribute to open source.
Open source doctor.

Open source gave a voice and a community to someone coping with the aftermath of a major injury, and eventually led to a new career.
Love and hate

This is the story of how I grew from hating to loving open source technology.
Stack of books for reading

Open source makes software knowledge accessible to anyone, so formal training isn't the only path to a technology career.
Person programming on a laptop on a building

Hacktoberfest got me thinking. My first contribution to open source was challenging, but everything I've learned since then has made me a better developer.
Coffee and laptop

Configuring his young daughters' computers with Ansible made it simple for this dad to manage the family's computers.