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On in 2011 we launched our points and badge system. Many of our readers log in daily, vote on and rate articles, add their comments, and participate in polls—all while earning points for their activity. Recent feedback from our community moderators and other community members has been that there are a few gaps in the system, which is currently:

  • Newbie (0-9 points)
  • Community Member (10-29 points)
  • Open Enthusiast (30-99 points)
  • Rock Star (100-999 points)
  • Open Sensei (1,000-4,999 points)
  • Open Sourcerer (5,000+ points)

To fill in the gaps, I'd like to propose that we add two more levels: one at 500 points and another at 2,500 points.

This is where you come in: we need help naming the new badge levels. What would you call them?

We have a few ideas, like Open Source Guru, but we want to get your input. I'll toss this out there too: if you come up with enough outstanding names, our team will consider renaming some of the existing badges.

Put your creative hat on and chime in on the comments!

Do you have other ideas for additional badge levels on


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laurent556's picture
Open Enthusiast

Open "Seito" as it is the student of the Sensei in Japanese
Open "Jedi" could follow Open Sensei
Open Guru is a pretty good one as well.

Marketing and Sales Dir. at @Gestionress, husband, father, sports freak (#basketball #crossfit) and fan of the #OpenSource Business Model!

jhibbets's picture
Open Source Sensei

I like Open Jedi. Do you think that translates well to other languages/cultures?

laurent556's picture
Open Enthusiast

I can tell you that it works well in French!
I suppose it is the same word in all languages as the word has been invented for the movies.

Marketing and Sales Dir. at @Gestionress, husband, father, sports freak (#basketball #crossfit) and fan of the #OpenSource Business Model!

holmja's picture
Open Source Champion

Open Source Avatar could be the 2500 level, or maybe move Open Sourcerer down to 2500 with Avatar as the top spot. Depending on if you think "an embodiment (as of a concept or philosophy) often in a person" trumps sorcery.

500 could be Open Advocate, perhaps?

laurent556's picture
Open Enthusiast

In my opinion Open Sourcerer should remain at the top.

Marketing and Sales Dir. at @Gestionress, husband, father, sports freak (#basketball #crossfit) and fan of the #OpenSource Business Model!

Unidentified's picture

Open Dalai or
Open Lama or
Dalai lama

Njord's picture
Open Enthusiast

Open Evangelist
Open Oracle

def. keep Sourcerer.

weirdall's picture

Open Padawan for 500 pts
Open Jedi for 1000 pts

Rich Gregory's picture

Some of us have been at it long enough that we remember the
"open source" patch codes for WordStar on CP/M. I also was
able to contribute RCS to the Decus community in the early '80
so VMS could have an open source SCCS. At that time the VMS product cost > $5K on the smallest Vax.

With that said, some of us reject score keeping and labels. Around here I just let people link to all the Linux and PHP and MySQL tutorials that I maintain and let them call me what they wish.



emanp8's picture

I would suggest "OpenSource.Commando" or a variation as "OpenSource.Commander".
Also something like "Source Boss" or "Source Nurse" for the slight catchy rhyme.

From me,

dncnmckn's picture
Open Enthusiast

How about:

500 Open Evangelist
2,500 Open Minded

Hello. I'm Duncan. I've recently set up Sparkwood and 21 an open source design studio.