A list of writing topics and ideas for Opensource.com

The A to Z list of writing topics for Opensource.com

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Opensource.com is looking for stories, tutorials, and opinion peices on the topics and ideas you see below. From personal experiences in open source and Linux to more technical tutorials on everything from Git to the command line to open hardware, Opensource.com is a home for a wide range of open stories.

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To learn more about our writing guidelines check out our resources for contributors.

  • Apache stories and open source project updates.
  • Big data tools, stories, communities, and news.
  • Command-line tips and tricks for Linux.
  • Content management system tutorials and updates on Drupal, ezPublish, Joomla, TYPO3, WordPress, and others.
  • DevOps best practices, case studies, and "getting started" stories.
  • Education tools, solutions, and resources for teachers, parents, and students.
  • FOSS project introductions, updates, and opinions.
  • Geek culture stories.
  • Hardware projects, maker culture, new products, howtos, and tutorials.
  • Humanitarian open source project stories, news, communities, and updates.
  • IoT (Internet of Things) devices and tutorials for home automation and more.
  • Javascript frameworks.
  • Kernel, the Linux kernel that is. Tell us about what it's like to work on the Linux kernel.
  • Linux projects, tutorials, stories. Anything and everything Linux.
  • Maker movement articles and projects.
  • Music applications and programs.
  • Networking news and tutorials.
  • Open organization stories focused on management, teams, tools, and philosophy.
  • 3D Printing howtos, projects, and ideas.
  • Python projects and stories from the community.
  • Perl programming tips and tricks
  • Q&A articles with your favorite open source developers, leaders, innovators, makers, and more.
  • Raspberry Pi projects and tutorials.
  • Science programs, journals, news, and tools for researchers and in the classroom.
  • Sysadmin howtos, tutorials, and tools.
  • Tutorials on everything from software to hardware.
  • UX design thinking and ideas for how to improve.
  • Video editing tools, programs, tutorials, and opinions.
  • Web tools, innovations, development solutions, and more.
  • X open source alternatives for Y
  • Your Linux or open source story. Tell us how you found Linux/open source, what you love about it, and what tools you use in your daily experience.
  • Zzzzzz.... What passion projects keep you up at night? Tell us about the open source projects you work on in your personal time, the open hardware projects you build on nights and weekends, the open source communities you spend time with when you aren't in the office, and the new open source skills you're picking up in your "off" hours.

About the author

Jen Wike Huger - Jen Wike Huger is the Community Manager for Opensource.com. Catch her at the next open source virtual event, or ping her on Twitter. She lives in Raleigh with her husband and daughters, June and Jewel.