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POSSE is growing up: a call for feedback on the new logo

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We've been running POSSE (Professors' Open Source Summer Experience) for three summers now, and we've seen some wonderful change stories come through in that time; campus programs flourishing, students getting jobs and internships, open source projects getting new shots of adrenaline as classes dove into contributing to their communities.

POSSE is growing up. It's time its logo did as well. And in the spirit of open source, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

A little history first. The current POSSE logo was something of a last-minute "well, I guess we need something!" scramble - we brainstormed on the wiki, got a number of sketches.

We ended up with this sketch (thanks to Mo Duffy) which I vectored up with an owl cribbed from a public domain Wikimedia Commons vector image mashed with the first sans-serif font I hit in Inkscape.

After some further tweaking between myself and Mo, we landed with the owl you see today. It wasn't designed with any audience in mind. After many workshops where I got swag with arbitrary font and color mashups, we decided it was time for the POSSE logo to get an upgrade which has lead us to this point.

The amazing Libby Levi came up with the following three concepts:

POSSE logo option 1

POSSE logo option 1The owl is round and simple, taking the place of the "O" in POSSE. He's  part of the group, the team, not going at it alone. The owl icon is cute and approachable, but the overall impression is very crisp, modern, and bold—this is an organization that's training the next generation of open source pioneers.

Fonts used: ChunkFive, Designosaur

POSSE logo option 2

POSSE logo option 2The flying owl is jumping into new projects and experiences, knowing that POSSE is there for support if he needs it. The type treatment is playful and friendly, but still sophisticated. It gives the impression of a solid foundation to start from and return to, which is what POSSE hopes to be for its members.

Fonts used: ChunkFive, Designosaur

POSSE logo option 3

POSSE logo option 3This option has a hand-drawn, DIY feel that is representative of the open source community. The lines that make up the owl represent all the individuals and voices that come together at POSSE, and together they resemble a thumb print, reminding POSSE members to take what they learn and make it their own.

Fonts used: Logisoso

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