Open thread: What classes have you taken online?

Open thread: What classes have you taken online?
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In the spirit of our webcast this week, MIT OpenCourseWare, and the start of a new school year we would like to know what classes you've taken online? Was the content of your online class open sourced?

Have you ever taken an online course through MIT’s OpenCourseWare? Are you one of the 58,000 people registered for the free, online course, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, at Stanford University? Have you ever tried Khan Academy? Maybe you've taught an online course?

We can't wait to see what everyone is learning online. You never know, you might inspire someone to take the same course.

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Open Minded

It's the funniest thing: Khan Academy has gotten me addicted to arithmetic.

It's the perfect thing for me. Bite-sized puzzles, a well-structured incentives ladder, actual learning. It's amazing how much you forget as you get away from school. How do I figure out the lowest common divisor of 16 and 20? It's the kind of thing Khan Academy is perfect at.

My goal is to finish Khan Academy's math program, start to finish, within the next year. And the best part is that I can do it five minutes at a time. That's a powerful learning model.

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I've taken a few classes through P2PU (I was on campus for all of my undergrad and grad level courses): Healthy Lifestyles and Digital Journalism. Both had great online content and interesting discussions. The DJ course also had a great facilitator (Joi Ito, who at the time was the CEO of Creative Commons).

Not sure what's next, but anything from P2PU or off the rack from OCW would be worthy (If I could find the time).


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Open Source Evangelist

I did attend Khan academy, I like it a lot and I'm sure it has greater potential.

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I went through Leonard Susskind's Stanford University courses on Quantum Mechanics / General Relativity a couple of years ago which were very interesting and recently i am looking at the P2PU to improve my Django skills and teach others what i know :-)

Recently i have been helping out creating course material for the Federated Social Web study group on the P2PU @

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I work at the Rochester Institute of Technology and we offer a number of classes online. In fact, I did my Master's project on re-designing lab based classes around virtualization so that the labs could be done remotely. That project was later turned into a VMware Lab Manager system that we use to offer an entire Master's program through distance learning. I don't know if we technically open source our curriculum but we did share it with a lot of other universities starting their own IT programs.

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I'm a high school student and I want to retake one of my courses online. What is the best website for online courses? I've searched some on Google, but they are all for college, or college based.

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Hi.....a shout out to Gary, who commented above...
I took my masters program online at RIT. Took 7 years, and we went through several iterations of online tools and a variety of experiences. But I thought the coursework was both rigorous and useful, and I was able to take classes while I was out of the U.S.

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Open Source Evangelist

I have used MIT OCW... I recently watched a lecture by Alex MacLean that is part of the Photography as Inquiry course; he takes photos from airplanes of cities and has been doing so for decades, and he has some fascinating insights on how our cities have evolved from the sky.

Usually though I take less formal online classes. My current regular haunts are and Blender Guru.