Dr. Maria Droujkova and Yelena McManaman, authors of a collection of math games for kids

Moebuis Noodles: a collection of math games for kids

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Dr. Maria Droujkova (@mariadroujkova) and Yelena McManaman authored the book, Moebuis Noodles, to engage kids with early math concepts. Their inspirations are:

  • kids—who have great imaginations and love math wonderlands when presented in a fun way
  • the crowdsourcing movement—parents and teachers are on board!
  • DYI projects—where there lives endless creativity

Offered under Creative Commons, Moebuis Noodles offers a much needed alternative to the boring and repeatitive early math materials used to reach most schoolkids today.

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About the author

Yelena McManaman - I am a blogger, education consultant and developer, focusing on young children. I homeschool my son and organize classes and events for kids. Online, I help other parents collaborate around advanced math for young children. I am also co-authoring a Creative Commons, crowd-funded book "Moebius Noodles: Adventurous math for the playground crowd" which is coming out this year.