Hackathon-style sprint event to build Intro to Open Science course

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The future of open is a dynamic landscape, ripe with opportunities to increase civic engagement, literacy, and innovation. Towards this goal, the Science Program at Creative Commons is teaming up with the Open Knowledge Foundation and members of the open science community to facilitate the building of an open online course, an Introduction to Open Science. The actual build will take place during a hackathon-style "sprint" event on Open Data Day on Saturday, February 23 and will serve as a launch course for the School of Open during Open Education Week (March 11-15).

School of Open, Intro to Open Science

Want to help us build this?

The course will be open in it’s entirety, the building process and content all available to be worked on, all to help people learn about open science. Do you know a thing or two about open access? Are you a researcher who’s practicing open research? Do you have experience in instructional or visual design? This is an all-hands event and will be facilitated by representatives at CC, OKFN, and others in the Community. Open Science enthusiasts in the Bay Area are invited to the CC Headquarters in Mountain View for the live event. Remote participants will also be able to join and contribute online via Google Hangout.

The day will begin with coffee, refreshments, and a check-in call with other Open Data Day hackathons happening around the globe. The open science community is strengthened by shared interests and connections between people, which we hope will grow stronger through networked events on Open Data Day. The open science course sprint at CC HQ will build upon open educational content, facilitate the design of challenges for exploration, and provide easy entry for learners into concepts of open access, open research, and open data. It will be done in a similar fashion to other "sprint-style" content-creation events, with lunch and refreshments provided for in-person participants. We’re literally going to be hacking on education. Sound like something you’d be interested in?

Join us

For details about the ways you can participate, see the Eventbrite page here.

To see the draft (lightly framed) course site on Peer to Peer University, go here.

For information about other Open Data Day events, see the events wiki here.


We need you, too! Basic skills for working with open datasets is important, and can be difficult to grasp. Who better to develop great lessons about working with data than you? Similarly, for those interested in building upon apps and projects from other Open Data Events, updated source code and repository information will be posted to a public feed (for now, follow hashtags #ODHD13 and #opendataday on Twitter).

For other information, contact billy dot meinke at creative commons dot org or @billymeinke.

Originally posted on the Creative Commons blog. Reposted under Creative Commons.

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I’m an Instructional Designer based in the Bay Area of California. I’m currently interning at Creative Commons, assisting with a study involving open data policy for the sciences. I’m an advocate of open and am on a personal mission to see shared knowledge and smarter learning design improve the world.

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Thanks for a great article, and for raising awareness about Open Data Day. Your timing is perfect, since we are one week away from this important international event.

I have a great interest in Open Science, as do many of my coleagues at Kitware. We will love to contribute to the course on P2P.

In particular, we have been strongly promoting the adoption of practices for enforcing the verification of reproducibility, which is one of the benefits of Open Science.

Look forward to work together this Saturday Feb 23rd on Open Data Day.
We will be hosting some hands-on activities at SUNY Albany

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