Launch of "What is open education?" resource on |

Launch of "What is open education?" resource on

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Just what is open education?

At, we love sharing stories about the ways open source tools and principles are changing the nature of teaching and learning today. Over and over, we've seen how approaching education the open source way can transform classrooms all over the world.

But explaining open education to others can be tricky. So we've launched a resource we hope open-minded advocates will find useful when they describe it to others.

Our newest open source FAQ page—"What is open education?"—offers plain-language summaries of the philosophies that guide open education. It illustrates the concepts and movements that are revolutionizing the ways people teach courses, share educational materials, and distribute the results of valuable academic research.

Like all our FAQ resources, the "What is open education?" resource is available for redistribution and sharing thanks to a Creative Commons License. We hope you'll use it to teach others about the benefits of producing, sharing, and building on knowledge the open source way.

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