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Welcome to the government channel


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Governments have a responsibility to provide services for the well-being of their citizens in the most effective and efficient manner possible.  We believe that openness, transparency, and collaboration can provide government leaders with a better way to achieve these goals.  On this channel, we'll talk about open source in the government context by sharing successes, as well as challenges, so that all of us can hold our government leaders accountable for the choices they make.

We hope that you will share your own experiences and knowledge about best practices and policies in your government or those you read about from around the world.  First step: read the page on how to participate, then create an account, login, and comment and post.  Join the conversation.

"Every citizen is responsible for every act of his government." --Mohandas Gandhi


About the author

Melanie Chernoff - Melanie Chernoff | As Public Policy Manager for Red Hat, Inc., Melanie monitors, evaluates, and works to influence U.S. and international legislation and government regulations affecting open source technologies and open standards. She also serves as chair of the company's Corporate Citizenship committee, coordinating Red Hat's charitable activities.