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It's Open Government Week at, and the Sunlight Foundation is celebrating by bringing amazing people and projects together in open government, open data, and civic hacking. Join like-minded folks at TransparencyCamp in Washington D.C. on May 30 and 31.

TransparencyCamp has brought together hundreds of people to share their knowledge about how to use new technologies and develop policies to make our government really work for the people—and to help people work smarter with our government.

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TransparencyCamp is the Sunlight Foundation's premier event to discuss and share new approaches to making government more open, transparent, and accountable. Join other technologists, government officials, journalists, policy-makers, students, and impassioned citizens from across the country and around the world for two days of new ideas, technologies, and initiatives. Learn more about local government projects like CityCamp, CrisisCommons, and hundreds of others that you could take back to your city.

An unconference means that you set the agenda for the event! Send us your ideas and vote for sessions that have already been proposed by others. By organizing in this way, we ensure that the most important issues are talked about and the best ideas rise to the top.

Event details

TransparencyCamp will be at George Mason University's Arlington campus, just across the river from Washington D.C. The standard registration fee is $40, while the student fee is $20.

Watch a short wrap-up from last year's "TCamp 2013," where we hosted a chart-topping 500 participants from over 25 countries and 33 states!

For more information about the event, including travel, lodging, andhow to become a TransparencyCamp Ambassador, head over to our blog on TransparencyCamp.




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