23 Code for America thought leaders to follow on Twitter

23 civic thought leaders to follow

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This week, the Code for America Summit (CfA) 2015 kicks off. As I prepared to attend, I thought of the many CfA staff, fellows, and alumni who are active on Twitter. So, if you're interested in open government and what some of the brightest and most creative minds in the space are talking about, consider following some of these people on Twitter. I decided to also included some of the speakers attending the conference this year.

To follow the conference from Twitter, use the #cfasummit hashtag. All of the talks from the main stage will be live streaming at cfasummit.org.

Code for America 2015 is from September 30 to October 2 in Oakland, California.

Code for America Summit thought leaders to follow on Twitter

@pahlkadot@pahlkadot | Jennifer Pahlka

Founder and ED of @CodeforAmerica. Mom. Keeper of chickens. This is my personal account.

@timoreilly@timoreilly | Tim O'Reilly

Founder and CEO, O'Reilly Media. Watching the alpha geeks, sharing their stories, helping the future unfold.

@cbracy@cbracy | Catherine Bracy

Director of Partnerships & Ecosystem at @codeforamerica. #Obama2012 alum. Sometimes I swear on my Twitter. Apologies in advance.

@mheadd@mheadd | Mark Headd

Former Chief Data Officer for the City of Brotherly Love. @codeforamerica alum. Helping governments work better using data & technology. #opendata #civichacking

@CivicWhitaker@CivicWhitaker | Chris Whitaker

Civic Technologist for Hire - Have laptop, will travel - Dangerously Genre Savvy - Consultant @CodeforAmerica Brigade - @USArmy Veteran, Co-host #chihacknight

@hackyourcity@hackyourcity | Andrew Hyder

Apps, maps, and raps :: SJW :: Developer Advocate at Code for America :: 2013 Fellow

@philipashlock@philipashlock | Philip Ashlock

Digital civic infrastructure & open gov't. Architect @usdatagov. Co-founder @Open311, @MyUSA, @cfaCommons, @CivicAgency. Views c/o objective reality ;)

@cydharrell@cydharrell | Cyd Harrell

poet, product director @codeforamerica, head of ux research at the late @boltpeters, board member @sfbrightworks, citizen experience advocate

@emilycastor@emilycastor | Emily Castor

Director of Transportation Policy @Lyft. Ice cream Yoda. Ridesharing wonk. I run through walls. What I believe: http://youtu.be/I_hzH5imb_E

@dustinhaisler@dustinhaisler | Dustin Haisler

Chief Innovation Officer for e.Republic. Disruptive Innovator, Futurist, Entrepreneur, Christ-follower. Interested in #startups, #gov20, #edtech & #innovation.

@abhinemani@abhinemani | Abhi Nemani

chief data officer, city of angels. technological optimist & political philosophy nerd. writer, speaker, maker. fmr @codeforamerica, @google. personal account.

@konklone@konklone | Eric Mill

Working on open government and encryption at @18F. Proud alum of @sunfoundation, sole proprietrepreneur of https://isitchristmas.com . I ALSO MAKE FEELINGS INSIDE.

@synchronouscity@synchronouscity | Jason Lally

Urban planner, technologist, and dabbler in design. I build tools to connect and collaborate around the future of cities. Working on @DataSF

@arielmai@arielmai | Ariel Kennan

Designer. Dreamer. Geekette. NYC Mayor's Office of Operations: Director of Innovation and Design. Formerly 2013 @codeforamerica fellow. Views are my own.

@CivicInnovation@CivicInnovation | Jake Levitas

Co-Founder @OurCityIs + @civicdesigncamp. I bring people together to make things that improve cities. Tar Heel born + bred. Dancer.

@themightychris@themightychris | Chris Alfano

Mad scientist at @wearejarvus and cofounder at @devnuts. Serving Philly as CfA Brigade Captain. I love building technology in education with SLA & @UTP_Philly.

@mollyampersand@mollyampersand | Molly McLeod

zines // gifs // lettering // feminism // photography // design @codeforamerica

@_jfeldman@_jfeldman | Jonathan Feldman

Civic CIO, @InformationWeek guy. Dad. Husband. Trail runner. I blog about work [in]sanity, tech, running, and other lunacy at http://feldman.org .

@cthydng@cthydng | Cathy Deng


@eddietejeda@eddietejeda | Eddie A Tejeda

CEO of @civicinsight. @knightfdn News Challenge awardee. Co-founder of @openoakland. Oakland Public Ethics Commissioner. 2012 @CodeforAmerica Fellow

@andrewhomeyer@andrewhomeyer | Andrew Homeyer

Entrepreneur by night. By day, Intrapreneur and Engineer at @waffleio and @CAinc

@LibbySchaaf@LibbySchaaf | Libby Schaaf

Mayor of Oakland

@18F@18F | 18F

Changing the way Federal Government builds and buys digital services. We're making things better by focusing on you, dear user. Join us!

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