How a free mobile app fights Ebola and other global epidemics

How a free mobile app fights global epidemics
This is the story of how a dispersed global health IT community banded together to solve the enormous, unique information challenges presented by...Read more

Building an open medical records system for the developing world

Interview with Judy Gichoya, OpenMRS
Judy Gichoya is a Kenyan medical doctor specializing in radiology and an experienced programmer who's accelerating the growth of OpenMRS.Read more

The Open Patient: Advocating for open access to medical data

The Open Patient: Advocating for open access to medical data
In The Open Patient: Healing through sharing, a new documentary from Red Hat Videos, Steven Keating and Liz Salmi share their personal stories about...Read more

Glucosio helps diabetics track blood sugar

Glucosio helps diabetics track blood sugar
The Glucosio team is headed up by Benjamin Kerensa , of Mozilla, who has an aggressive, unparalleled vision for the product. In this interview, he...Read more

Open source app takes on Ebola and mental health in Liberia

mHero open source healthcare app
Angie Nyakoon and Amanda Gbarmo Ndorbor are two outspoken and energetic women who oversee the Mental Health Unit at the Ministry of Health and Social...Read more

Using Blender to prepare for orthopedic surgeries

Vasily Shishkin shares why and how he uses Blender and 3D printing to help prepare for orthopedic surgeries.Read more

Mozilla contributor creates diabetes project for the masses

My open source story
Ben Kerensa shares how he got involved with open source as well as why he created Glucosio, an open source project that aims to bring diabetes...Read more

Drupal early adoption at Memorial Sloan Kettering

Evan Liebman, digital director at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, shares why his team decided to adopt Drupal 8 while it was still in beta.Read more