GNU Health promotes freedom and equity in healthcare

Free software for healthcare facilities in need

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I wrote about the mission of GNU Solidario, the non-profit behind GNU Health, last year and interviewed the head of the project, Luis Falcon, about their plans and progress. They got their start in 2006, and it sure is great to see their success continuing today.

GNU Health is a free software tool for healthcare facilities in rural areas and developing countries, licensed under the GNU GPL. The project got its start in 2006, and at the time of my interview with Falcon, GNU Health had evolved into a health and hospital information system used by the United Nations, public hospitals and Ministries of Health in countries like Argentina, and private institutions around the globe. Today, GNU Solidario is planting their free software and health administration system into facilities in need in countries all over the world.

Watch this inspiring video with Luis Falcon.

(transcript from video)

Freedom and equity in health care. People before patients. I think we are used to be in the system of disease.

You hear about medical records, clinical history, but seldom we are talking about the system of health, and that is where we want to move.

When we started this project actually, it was in a school in Argentina, and I moved around the country and I was looking how the kids were going to school in some of those provinces.

And those kids were sick.... they were sick because they were lacking the main things to go to school.

Primary care. Medicine without humanity doesn't deserve to be practiced.


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