Infographic: "When Patents Attack!" from patent good to patent profiteering

The problem with patents
Image credits: FrugalDad
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This week FrugalDad posted an infographic about how the patent system has reacted to the rapid pace of technology, inspired by the "When Patents Attack!" episode of NPR's This American Life.

As he writes in the graphic, patents were imagined as a way to "promote the progress of science and useful arts," but they've become a path to litigation instead. See how we went from "the right idea" (even the high-fiving robot arm) to "patent profitteers" and the "selfless innovator."

patents infographic


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Charles Kinsbury's picture

The bases to get a patent need to change. What can be pantened will protect the corperations. The workers like to get thier names on patent.

It will be very difficuld to change a system that is over 200 years old. It has made many people very rich. Money means power in the USA.

Bur remember the Eiie Whitny did not get rich from the Cotton Gin. He made guns with interchangable parts..