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The Patents article collection examines the intersection between open source and patents, patent troll topics, and patent-related legal issues.

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A victory for technology companies and innovators who face threats of patent litigation from entities that abuse the system.
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Criticisms of Apache's decision to ban Facebook's BSD+ Patents license from Apache Foundation projects don't survive the scrutiny of reason.
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In the U.S. patent system, if maintenance fees are not paid, an issued patent goes into the public domain. Find out how to search the database.
No patent trolls

Take action by signing the pledge and urge universities not to sell patents to patent trolls.
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The outcome of Oracle v. Google is a positive result for the software industry and the developer...
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The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Daniel Nazer discusses software patent trolls and issues with...
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Mark Radcliffe shares his 10 picks for the top legal developments in free and open source software...
Scales of law with licenses including proprietary and creative commons

While reviewing the most-read articles on legal topics in open source on this year,...