Poll: Why do you still have an iPhone? | Opensource.com

Poll: Why do you still have an iPhone?


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Why do you still have an iPhone?

377 votes tallied
I love it
56 votes
There isn't a comparable phone for my tasks
22 votes
Waiting for contract to run out
16 votes
Company requirements
4 votes
I like being cool and trendy...
6 votes
I don't trust Google
7 votes
I don't care about open source
1 vote
I never had one in the first place
265 votes


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Travis Kepley - Travis Kepley is a Senior Instructor at Red Hat where he helps employees, partners and customers understand how Open Source Software can create a better IT and business infrastructure. Travis started at Red Hat in January of 2008 as a Technical Support Engineer before becoming a Solutions Architect prior to moving to his current role. Travis graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and now lives in Raleigh with his wife and dog. When not extolling the virtues of open source...