Which gadget are you most thankful for?

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mobile phone


It's that time of year when everyone pauses to be thankful. At opensource.com, we want to know which gadget you're MOST thankful for. Which device could you not survive without? Personally I know I'm 100% attached to my smart phone.  So you know my vote.

Let us know which gadget is your favorite and tell us why in the comments!

Casey is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in journalism. She spends too much time perusing social media sites, and she's especially fascinated by open source startups. twitter: @caseybrown_


Smartphone, though netbook is a close second.

I recently got an e-reader and think it is fantastic. No more carrying around books :)

This year .... <h3><strong> The Raspberry Pi </strong></h3>

I'm with Slackstone. The Raspberry PI.

Desktop Computer
CD Player

I say laptop, in part because I am one of the few that don't have a smartphone yet.

Although with the recent power-outage from Sandy I do see the benefit of a smartphone in those scenarios. My chromebook includes free 3G (until January) so that became one point of contact to the outside world.

So if I had a smartphone, I suspect I would select that.

Ultimately, though, either means is to what I am even more thankful for: the Internet. :)

The Raspberry Pi, for sure!

Netbooks! For me they have the best of everything I need. Long battery life, flexibility in software, flexibility in OS's, lots of connectivity options, and portability.

My chromebook a laptop I don't have to wait to start using.

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