Resolve to be more open in 2013

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It's a new year, with new opportunities for the open source way to change and innovate life, education, government, business, health, and law. For each of us as individuals, 2013 is a chance to resolve to be more open. Check out these ways to start this New Year's resolution off right, and in the comments below tell us how you plan to practice openness.

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Jen leads a team of community managers for the Digital Communities team at Red Hat. She lives in Raleigh with her husband and daughters, June and Jewel.


- Contribute to an open source project
- Be an open source mentor
- Recommend open source sites to friends
- Help friends to install and use Linux as their main operating system in their PC's or laptops and help them to configure and use the open source applications so that they can do absolutely everything they were doing with the proprietary applications they were using before.

I usually help them to write installation and configuration procedures using Zim and CherryTree notes taking applications.

The real satisfaction comes when the new open source users are helping their friends to move to open source.

My goal is to start using open software and using it more. I am having Windows free weekends. Using programs that have cross platform helps this like Firefox, Opera, Chromium, Filezilla, VLC make it pretty easy and (mostly) pain free.

Design an online polling method that allows for more than one correct answer.

School open source presentation!

I will continue my contribution to the open source ecosystem at This company delivers an enterprise and community edition of a CMS.

I resolve to promote Free Software instead of Open Source. This benefits society directly instead of focusing on technology only.

I plan on abolishing software patents by fighting CLS Bank v Alice Corporation through the Supreme Court if necessary.

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