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Martin is a young accordion prodigy from Panama. Producer and DJ, Stephen Levitin (aka Apple Juice Kid), and myself, a UNC Professor and emcee, met him while building a Beat Making Lab at a community center in the city of Portobelo. We each tried our hand at making a trap beat sampling a recording of Martin's performance.

The #PanamaChallenge is part of an ongoing Beat Making Lab initiative, which encourages beat makers to look to their own communities to find interesting samples, sounds, rhythms, and ideas to inspire beats. In each community where a Beat Making Lab is established, a challenge to make a beat sampling a local instrument will air on PBS Digital Studios, starting with Panama.

A beat making challenge

  1. Make a trap beat sampling Martin's accordion performance.
  2. Upload your beat to SoundCloud.
  3. Tweet the link to @beatmakinglab with hashtag #PanamaChallenge

Participate by May 1, 2013

The winning beat will appear on a free Panama Beat Making Lab EP released by Mal Dicen x Latino Resiste x ARTVSM.

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Pierce Freelon is a professor, journalist, and musician. He founded both the Black Academics, an online community of young black thinkers, and the Beast, a jazz and hip hop group.

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Any good music creators for PC that can do metal?

<a href="http://createbeatsonline.org/">dubturbo</a>

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