Annual Reader Survey results 2013

Results from Annual Reader Survey 2013

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The Annual Reader Survey had 59 respondents this year. If you didn't get a chance to give us your thoughts this time around, we'll be sending out a short poll to our mailing list about user experience soon. To participate, sign up here.

Our survey asked 20 questions and we got some great responses that are helping us better understand you and what you want from a resource for the open source movement like

Here we've summarized feedback from the survey. Please leave comments with your thoughts or additional input. Thanks for being a part of our community!

How were you introduced to 

  • Many were previously Red Hat Magazine readers.
  • Others find us through search and other news sites.

How are you typically alerted to a new article? 

  • Many read new articles via weekly emails and RSS feeds.
  • Others go directly to our homepage or connect via Twitter.

Have you read one of our free eBooks

  • Most didn't realize eBooks are available.
  • Help us help you: How can we make them more visible for you to access?

Have you ever used as a way to help someone better understand open source

Two open-ended questions:

1. Whom would you like to see interviewed on the site?

  • Common answer: Linus Torvalds, Gabriella Coleman, open source project leaders, up-and-comers
  • Outlier answer: Arnold Schwarzenegger

2. What additional comments or questions do you have for us?

  • Common answer: Keep up the great work
  • Outlier answer: Don't use logins! (Do you agree?)

See the full results [PDF] and leave us some feedback below.

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