TinyCircuits for big projects with small open hardware needs

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tinycircuit for tracking your cata


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Dave is the Chief Technologist for Red Hat's US Public Sector group and a self-described drum playing, motorcycle riding computer geek, husband, dad, and catechist.

Gunnar is the Chief Strategist for Red Hat's US Public Sector group whose ears perk up around discussions about cross-domain security, edge innovation, and interagency collaboration through the open source model.

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On The Dave & Gunnar Show they talk about all things open source, Red Hat happenings, and other technology news and curiosities.

In celebration of Opensource.com's Open Hardware Week, this week they interview guest Lauren Egts about her story for Opensource.com on TinyCircuits—a maker of miniturized open hardware for big projects that need small parts... like, a cat GPS tracker using the TinyDuino. Instructions at MAKE magazine.

Visit the DGShow page for Lauren's interview.



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I'm waiting for this hardware to reach the Philippines. Hope it can reach my country soon.

Hi! I'm planning to build a simple controller for hydro pumping for our farm. =)

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