Open Hardware Week kicks off March 17

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There has been a steady stream of open hardware stories in the news over the past year, but lately that stream has become an ocean. This is truly an exciting time for makers and consumers.

Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards are sold for reasonable prices, allowing almost anyone with a project and plan to make the things they may have only daydreamed about before in an afternoon. Hackerspaces, where kids and adults collaborate on hardware projects, have found a place in small towns and large cities alike across the globe. And, 3D printing is changing lives—like that of Shea Stollenwerk who was born without fingers but has brand new, bright pink ones now!

Shea's new hand

Photo by Frankie Flood

In a recent article, The Cornerstones of the Hardware Revolution, reporter Liam Boogar notes:

The "Hardware Revolution," the idea that, like the software revolution 10 years ago, the cost of building a hardware company will approach zero, is well on its way.

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Makey Makey from SparkFun

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Other great open hardware events that happened in 2014:


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