The best open hardware conferences of 2014, celebrating Public Domain Day, and more

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December 30-January 3, 2014

This week's edition of our open source news roundup features some New Year's-related tidbits to start your year off right. Here's what we found:

Happy Public Domain Day

Jan. 1 marks more than the New Year, it's also "Public Domain Day." It's a day to raise awareness about the public domain and the "creative and entrepreneurial freedom granted to everybody by the public domain." community moderator Luis Ibanez wrote an excellent post on the Kitware blog explaining the role of copyright and public domain. In the post, Ibanez highlights some of the many works that would be available in the public domain if it weren't for the Copyright Term Extension Act, which extended copyright terms in the United States. More on the significance of the public domain can be found in our interview, Why the public domain matterswith Jonathon Gray, director of policy and ideas at the Open Knowledge Foundation and cofounder of the Public Domian Review.

Which open hardware conference will you attend?

2014 will likely be a banner year for open hardware. If you're working on an open hardware project of your own, or you are just interested in getting involved in the movement, then check out this list of the best open hardware conferences in 2014 compiled by Hat tip to community moderator Robin Muilwijk for sending this post my way.

Do you want the good or bad news first?

Techrepublic writer Jack Wallen shared some good and not-so-good news for open source this week in a couple of lists. In the first list, Wallen highlights what he sees as the 10 disappointments for open source in 2013, including the loss of Groklaw, the continued lack of documentation for projects, and the non-existance of a Linux-based tablet. He follows up with a list of 10 predictions for open source in 2014, which includes open source leading the way for smart devices, open source re-defining cloud management, and he shares his hopes for a Linux-based tablet. Feel free to share your open source predictions for 2014 in the comments section. We'd love to hear them.

Got an open source resolution?

While we're on this New Year theme, don't forget to share your open source resolution(s) with us. Some readers have already posted their goals, and we'd love to know what yours.

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