7 big reasons to contribute to Opensource.com

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7 big reasons to contribute to Opensource.com


Opensource.com runs like other open source projects. The content collected and shared with you on this site is the result of the time, energy, and contributions from people all over the world. The writers you see published here, the community you see engaged with us on social media, and our readers keep Opensource.com going.

The team working on curating and polishing the stories and news from our contributors is constantly inspired and motivated by the power of the open source movement. And, like any good open source project, we want to promote the great things our contributors say about their experience working with us.

7 big reasons to contribute to Opensource.com:

  1. Career benefits: "I probably would not have gotten my most recent job if it had not been for my articles on Opensource.com."
  2. Raise awareness: "The platform and publicity that is available through Opensource.com is extremely valuable."
  3. Grow your network: "I met a lot of interesting people after that, boosted my blog stats immediately, and even got some business offers!"
  4. Contribute back to open source communities: "Writing for Opensource.com has allowed me to give back to a community of users and developers from whom I have truly benefited for many years."
  5. Receive free, professional editing services: "The team helps me, through feedback, on improving my writing skills."
  6. We're loveable: "I love the Opensource.com team. I have known some of them for years and they are good people."
  7. Writing for us is easy: "I couldn't have been more pleased with my writing experience."

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Success stories from writers and open source communities

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  • Penn Manor High School Linux laptop initiative
  • e-NABLE prosthetic maker group
  • Asian Penguins Linux group
  • biicode dependency manager
  • WhiteBikes bikeshare model
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Jen leads a team of community managers for the Digital Communities team at Red Hat. She lives in Raleigh with her husband and daughters, June and Jewel.


Nice article and I love the new page and the contributions from the community.

I have created an account in opensource.com. How can I contribute? Can I share my open source projects in this platform? Thanks in advance.

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