Open Hardware Summit 2015 open for registration, call for proposals

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Open Hardware Summit 2015 is open for registration and preparations are in full swing.

The Summit will be held in Philadelphia, on September 19 this year. This annual conference is organized and hosted by the Open Source Hardware Association, and this year will be the sixth conference, maintaining its focus on open hardware.

Topics and speakers come from around the globe and from all areas of the community, including industry, academia, and the maker community. In years past, the Summit has hosted speakers such as:

  • Tristan Copley Smith on the Open Source Beehives project
  • David Lang, co-founder of OpenROV
  • Phoenix Perry on "Embodied play design and building a female developer community"
  • and many more

The videos for talks from years past are available for anyone to stream on the OSHWA website.

This year, the Summit is calling for submissions on subjects ranging from digital fabrication, DIY technology, competition and collaboration, as well as, the legal and intellectual property implications of open source hardware, and many other topics. For the first time this year, the proposals are submitted to a double-blind review (meaning the authors don’t know the reviewers, and the reviewers don’t know the proposal authors), which the entire team putting on the Summit is very excited about. This will help ensure a fair and equal opportunity for all submitted proposals, and is helping lay the groundwork for eventually being able to publish talks and submissions in a more formal academic setting.

If you would like to propose a talk, submissions are being accepted until July 9.

The keynote speaker for the Summit this year is Dr. AnnMarie Thomas, an accomplished maker in the open hardware community. She is the co-creator of Squishy Circuits, as well as the Director of the Playful Learning Lab, an associate professor, and the director of the Center for Engineering Education. Parallax will also be debuting the Electronic Conference Badge at the Summit this year, and will be providing badges for speakers.

Tickets for the Summit can be purchased now. And, stay tuned for videos of the Summit as they are posted soon after the event to the the Summit site.

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