Top 5 articles of the week: February 25

Top 5: OpenProject, Vagrant and Ansible for web development, tips for a career in open source, and more

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This week's Top 5 we highlight an open source project management solution, Vagrant and Ansible for web development, how to add open source experience to your resume, tips for growing on GitHub, and how to choose a brand name for your project

Top 5 articles of the week

5. How to choose a brand name for your open source project

Chris Grams, President of the branding firm New Kind, shares tips for the very important task of naming your open source project. His insight could help you avoid unnecessary expenses and dead ends. This article is part of our Careers series.

4. 5 tips for growing your developer community on GitHub

Andrew Embler, founder and CTO of concrete5 (an open source content management system), shares his thoughts on how you can reach a wider audience on GitHub to grow a community around your open source project. This article is also part of our Careers series this week.

3. How to add open source experience to your resume

Emily Dunham, a self-described "open source geek of many trades,"shares tips for how to add your open source contributions on your resume to stand out. This article is another one in our Careers series.

2. Using Vagrant and Ansible to deploy virtual machines for web development

Betsy Gamrat begins by answering why we should use VMs for website development in the first place, then explains how to do so using Vagrant, Ansible, and VirtualBox.

1. OpenProject: An open source project management solution

Birthe Lindenthal covers how to install OpenProject and get your team up and running.

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