Raspberry Pi 3, Linux Mint security breach, Google data processing for the Zika virus, and more

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In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we share thoughts on the Raspberry Pi 3, Linux Mint's handling of a security breach, Google's data processing platform for the Zika virus, and more!

Open source news roundup for February 27 - March 4, 2016

Raspberry Pi 3 announced

The lastest release of the Raspberry Pi 3 has amazing features like Bluetooth, WiFi, and is 10 times faster than the original. Ben Nuttall gave Opensource.com readers a closer look earlier this week, and ZDNet gave it a postive review. Compatible with with Pi 2 and Pi B+, you will need to be sure to use the latest version of Raspbian (2016-02-26) or NOOBS (1.8.0).

Linux Mint suffers security breach

Linux Mint, a popular Linux distribution, experienced a major security breach, and quickly informed their user base. The breach occured on February 20 and the affected image was promptly corrected.

Data processing platform from Google to fight the Zika virus

Betanews' Brian Fagioli reports that the new platform by Google to help us learn more about the Zika virus will be open source. 

"A volunteer team of Google engineers, designers, and data scientists is helping UNICEF build a platform to process data from different sources (i.e., weather and travel patterns) in order to visualize potential outbreaks. Ultimately, the goal of this open source platform is to identify the risk of Zika transmission for different regions and help UNICEF, governments and NGO's decide how and where to focus their time and resources. This set of tools is being prototyped for the Zika response, but will also be applicable to future emergencies", says Jacquelline Fuller, Director, Google.org.

In other news

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David Both is an Open Source Software and GNU/Linux advocate, trainer, writer, and speaker who lives in Raleigh North Carolina. He is a strong proponent of and evangelist for the "Linux Philosophy."


David, thanks for this.

I was sad to read the goings-on with respect to Linux Mint. I am sure many of us can learn lessons from reading the postings from that day.

In respects of the Mint issue; what was sad to me was that multiple people bashed Mint and Linux in general one it. It was a simple Wordpress bug ans ISO redirect. It's not like that has never happened to any other proprietary software. It has been very much noted about how open and forth coming the Mint admins were on the breach and how quickly it was resolved. I do not think any other propriety software company would be so forth coming or react as fast as the Mint admins did. Just my 2 cents.

In reply to by Chris Hermansen

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