Top 5 articles of the week: April 1

Top 5: 11 project management tools, 5 home automation tools, and more

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In this week's Top 5, we highlight Top 11 project management tools for 2016, 5 open source home automation tools, a My Linux Story, an interview with Benjamin Kerensa on Glucosio for diabetics, and an event report from last weekend's LibrePlanet.

Top 5 articles of the week

5. LibrePlanet begins with Snowden, ends with DRM protest

In this event report from LibrePlanet last weekend in Cambridge, Massachusettes, attendee Deb Nicholson shares highlights including comments from Edward Snowden to protests against DRM.

4. Glucosio helps diabetics track blood sugar

In this interview, Benjamin Kerensa shares his aggressive, unparalleled vision for Glucosio with Ruth Bavousett.

3. After a nasty computer virus, sys admin looks to Linux

In this My Linux Story series article, a costly computer virus leads a sys admin to start using Linux in 2004.

2. 5 open source home automation tools

With the Internet of Things rapidly expanding the number of connected devices in our homes, finding open source solutions for controlling them is increasingly important. Jason Baker is back with five of his favorites.

1. Top 11 project management tools for 2016

Robin Muilwijk looks back at the top project management tools covered in 2014 and 2015, with updates on new releases, notable new and improved features, and more.

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