8 ways to get started in open source

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During his time recruiting young programmers on college campuses, one of the questions Chris Aniszczyk would hear a lot is, "How do I get involved in open source?"

At Great Wide Open earlier this year, Aniszczyk gave a lightning talk highlighting eight ways new contributors can get started:

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Step 1: Install a Gnu/Linux OS.
Step 2: Play with desktop environments.
Step 3: Get a Github account and post cool shell scripts.
Step 4: Start programming in HTML/Javascript.
Step 5: Transition to programming in C++
Step 6: Transition to programming in Java
Step 7: Create your own Linux distribution even though there a thousands of them.
Step 8: Get on Youtube and share with le world your new knowledge
Step 9: Start programming for your new distro using Java/C/C++
Step 10: Start submitting bug fixes to software you love.
Step 11: Look back and see how far you have come.
Step 12: Look forward to see how far you have yet to go.

These step are my journey into a world made much better by FOSS. The real challenge is taking that first step.

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