Open Organization Crossword

An open organization crossword puzzle

An open organization crossword puzzle
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Are you curious about what's inside the forthcoming Open Organization Workbook?

Decode the clues below—and fill in these blanks—for some hints at what's inside.


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5. A system for organizational governance designed to help the best ideas win

6. Organization's ability to incorporate multiple voices

7. Growing an open culture as an organization adds members

9. Passionate participation

10. Mutual assurance and dependence

11. Organization's ability to remain resilient and flexible

13. An approach to joint work that produces better results

16. A sense of history, purpose, and meaning that enables deeper and better work

17. Related to, but not synonymous with, inclusivity


1. Production of something new and potentially path-breaking

2. A better way to work, manage, and lead

3. One consequence of increased transparency

4. Organization's approach to making important materials accessible

8. A shared set of values and beliefs, guides behaviors

11. Capacity for remaining nimble and responsive

12. A shared sense of identity forged through common purpose

14. Difficult to achieve with open decisions, but valuable to have when possible

15. Loops of data that produce beneficial iterations

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