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How inner sourcing saved our IT department

Our IT team combined open organization principles with inner sourcing strategies. The results...
How I teach open source to true newcomers

I teach groups about open principles by having them re-imagine society from the ground up.
How Dell built a community to prepare for an open future

No one working in cloud and data centers should be surprised that organizations have changed how...
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Our recent experience selecting a chat platform help us set priorities: Culture first, process...
Jim Whitehurst wears his red shoes on stage at All Things Open 2015

The open organization community's newest volume is a handbook for practicing openness at scale.
Introducing the Open Organization Workbook

The sixth volume of the Open Organization book series is now available.
Tap the power of community with organized chaos

Unconferences are sites of intense collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Here's how you can...
Why is collaboration so difficult?

"Collaboration" means more than simply "working together." What's its role in open organizations?