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A confusing business organization chart

Our customer was frustrated. Our team was stressed. Adopting a more open and agile method for working together changed all that.
A man walking and tipping hat

This exercise helps your team members become aware of the various privileges they might possess—a great way to begin dialog about diversity and inclusion.
Open data brain

Making research data open and available is easier when we all work transparently.
Media ladder

In meritocracies, everyone makes decisions. Use these strategies to keep personal biases at bay.
open source button on keyboard

We took an open approach to publishing our company's diversity statistics. Here's what we learned.
Open art on abstract pieces

Buffer's passion for transparency is obvious. So why weren't we open sourcing our code? Here's what happened when I asked.
Two different business organization charts

My team recently gathered more than 100 action items from our community—then completed them all within a year. Here's how we did it.
Cat laying in the grass next to a not animals allowd sign

Every community has at least one Mr. Grumpy. Here's a plan for helping naysayers make useful contributions.