What is your favorite Linux distribution?

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Of all the many questions you might ask an open source enthusiast, none may evoke quite the passionate response as asking which distribution they prefer.

People choose a distribution for many reasons, from look and feel to stability, from speed to how it runs on older machines, from the pace of updates to simply which offers the packages they need. Whatever the reason, with so many distributions available, asking which one you use can be seen as a proxy for asking how you choose to interact with your computer.

And even if you've been a die-hard fan of a particular distribution, it doesn't mean your preferences can't change over time. Trying out new distros can bring new perspectives and experiences, and makes it easier for you to make informed recommendations as you help friends, family, and colleagues make the switch to Linux.

So as we do every year, we'd like to take this opportunity to ask you what your favorite Linux distribution is, and why? In order to keep it to a manageable number of choices in our poll, we've limited it to the top ten distributions according to DistroWatch over the past 12 months. The list is far from scientific—it biases towards users of desktop distributions sitting behind unique IP addresses who take the time to visit and be counted—but it's a starting point.

If your favorite distribution isn't on this list, let us know what it is in the comments. And regardless of what distribution you've chosen as your favorite, the important thing is to let us know why you love it. So head on down to the comments and sing the praises of your favorite distros, and remember, keep it civil.

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12% (1050 votes)
4% (387 votes)
11% (997 votes)
elementary OS
3% (257 votes)
11% (961 votes)
7% (586 votes)
16% (1408 votes)
4% (354 votes)
22% (1960 votes)
1% (73 votes)
Other (let us know in the comments)
10% (907 votes)





first = FreeBSD
Sec = Ubuntu Budgie





Solus is definitely my favourite. I use it everyday and wouldn't change.


Void Linux


Sabayon for sure!

Peppermint 7 for me. Works flawlessly and the community is awesome

Devuan, which relies heavily on Debian.


I love Voyagerlive it is an xubuntu os derivative that is beautiful to look and works. I want to like newer desktops and other distros but I find myself coming back to voyagerlive.

SwagArch (an Arch Linux based distro)

Solus - pretty cool!

In defence of Ubuntu based distributions: on ancient weak laptops: Peppermint 7; Chalet; Slitaz.


PCLinuxOS64 is what I use every day, before that I used Mageia,
PCLinuxOS, and started with Mandriva.
I try to help inexperienced users with their systems and as a result
everytime a new Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Fedora Workstation, Fedora spin
with KDE, Debian with KDE, Manjaro, and Parrot comes up I try it out,
booting up on my test bed, a binned but still functional Dell E6420
For me PCLinuxOS64 is at the top of the heap,

Peppermint ftw

Solus Budgie

MX-Linux 18
I had fallen in love with Manjaro KDE, but after a weekend of frustration with sudden glitches, I dumped it and rebounded to MX. Solid, even recognized my Bluetooth! Crazy fast. I miss the Pretty, though.

Personally and at work I use Arch. It's fast and I love it that you can install so many packages straight from git. For friends and family I will install either Deepin or Manjaro, they're both just beautiful (Manjaro gives me a somewhat hackerish feeling, awesome what they did with xfce).
For production servers I prefer CentOS or Redhat.
Test servers might run Arch also
I used to install arch on raspberries too, but after some issues reverted to raspbian (debian).

Other: Garuda Linux, look at some videos with its KDE Dr460nized version and you will be awed.