All Things Open 2015

All Things Open Speaker Interview collection

This is a collection of speaker interviews prior to this year's All Things Open conference on October 19 and 20, 2015. All Things Open is a conference exploring open source, open tech, and the open web in the enterprise.


IoT and open source contributions keynote at All Things Open 2015 — Nicole Engard reports from keynotes on passion in open source and the Internet of Things.

Open source design is ugly, here's why — Ginny Hamilton reports from Garth Braithwaite's session on design in open source.

Open source software's implications beyond softwareJim Whitehurst keynotes at All Things Open 2015; Nicole Engard recaps.

The new era of community—Jono Bacon keynotes at All Things Open 2015; Nicole Engard recaps.

A short introduction to GitHubLee Faus gives talk, GitHub 101: An introduction, at All Things Open 2015; Nicole Engard recaps.

Speaker Interview Series


Modest CEO on open source and acquisition by PayPal — interview with Harper Reed, CEO of Modest, by Don Watkins


Rackspace developer advocate on getting started with open source — interview with Don Schenck, by Aleksandar Todorovic

Behind the scenes at Google Summer of Code — interview with Carol Smith, coordinator for Google Summer of Code, by Phil Shapiro

Navigating a sea of frontend frameworks — interview with Pam Selle, software engineer, by Radeck Pazdera 


Startups, burnout, and the path to happy employees — interview with Leah Silber, CEO of Tilde, by Jen Wike Huger

Does your company know how much open source it uses? — interview with Jeff Luszcz, founder of Palamida, by Ben Cotton

Case Studies

An inside look at open source at Twitter — interview with Chris Aniszczyk, Head of Open Source at Twitter, by Rikki Endsley

An inside look at open source at Facebook — interview with Christine Abernathy, Developer Advocate for the Facebook Open Source Team, by Robin Muilwijk

How to move the needle in open source — interview with Guy Martin and Nithya Ruff, by Robin Muilwijk

Using open source principles to build better engineering teams — interview with Brandon Keepers, Open Source at GitHub, by Robin Muilwijk


How the Internet Archive maintains an information super highway — interview with Alexis Rossi and Vicky Brasseur, by Seth Kenlon

DevOps & Enterprise

How DevOps fits into the modern network — interview with Sean Cavanaugh, Cumulus Networks, by Nitish Tiwari

Couchbase CEO on rise of NoSQL — interview with Bob Wiederhold, by Scott Nesbitt

How the Internet of Things will change the way we think — interview with Burr Sutter, by Jen Krieger

Open Data & Open Government

Can the promise of open data be fully realized? — interview with Mark Headd, Developer Evangelism at Accela, by Jason Hibbets

Mozilla creates web tools and practices for open science — interview with Abby Mayes, lead developer for Mozilla Science Lab, by Seth Kenlon

Open source as a tool of cultural change — interview with Kaitlin Devine, engineering director of 18F, by Jason Hibbets


Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) for the Unix shell — interview with Klaatu, free software enthusiast, by David Both

Learn to embrace open source, or get buried — interview with Jim Salter, by Aseem Sharma


Get your own cloud and reclaim your data — interview with Frank Karlitschek, founder of ownCloud, by George Wike Huger

UI / UX / Design

Open source is ugly: Improving UI and UX — interview with Garth Braithwaite, founder of the Open Design Foundation, by Alexandar Todorovic

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