Back to School

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This collection of articles focus on collaboration tips and open source tools for teachers, students, and parents. Find interesting articles from educators, students, and education enthusiasts in this series.

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Back to School Collection

Back to school: 5 open source programs for students and teachers — by Charlie Reisinger

How to teach student sys admins — by Joshua Allen Holm

We did it ourselves: The open organization in education — by Don Watkins

Code ninjas earn "belts" with CoderDojo — by D Ruth Bavousett

Book review: Teach Your Kids to Code by Bryson Payne by Don Watkins

Apps, bots, drones, and 3D printers: Coming to a school near you?by Dr. Bryson Payne

Linux and Python education for students in Israel — by Laura Novich

Teaching big data processing with open source software — by Mariam Kiran

9 ways to attract students to your open source projectby Aleksandar Todorovic

6 open source tools to help educators stay organized — by Tatiana Kochedykova

APIs, not apps: What the future will be like when everyone can code — by Al Sweigart

Three students jump into open source with OpenMRS and Sahana Eden — by Matt MacLennan 

14 tips for teaching open source development — by Mariam Kiran

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