Experimenting with open science: Open source in the field and in the lab

Experimenting with open science: Open source in the field and in the lab

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Practicing science means more then adopting a particular set of tools—even more than following a specific methodology. Practicing science involves a certain attitude toward the world: a curiosity tempered with cautious skepticism, a commitment to rigorous and systematic experimentation, a belief in the power of knowledge to enhance lives, and a collaborative spirit that recognizes those contributions that make one's own work possible.

When science and open source meet—in the field and in the lab—both benefit. In June 2014, Opensource.com asked scientists, librarians, inventors, tinkerers, and programmers to explain how open source tools, projects, and values are impacting their work. The result: Open Science Week, an event that featured nearly two dozen articles from open-minded experts eager to explore the intersection of the scientific method and the open source way. We saw how new research tools built on Linux and OpenStack are facilitating innovative modes of research and scientific inquiry. We learned that new technologies are enabling fruitful collaboration among scientists who operate across geographic and institutional boundaries. We came to appreciate how new attitudes toward licensing and sharing data ensure the experiemtnal replication integral to scientific verification. And we explored new communities and portals (like academic journals) in the vanguard of open-access scientific publishing.

This book collects the stories we published as part of Open Science Week.

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